Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When you reach a certain age there is a time when you must say goodbye to family and go it alone.

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Is love all about narcissism?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I have been reading All about Love by Bell Hooks. It made me wonder about my definition of love. It is difficult to write the word down with out thinking of Mills and Boons or lavender.

Ms Hooks states that only men are allowed to speak with real authority on love, and what they say is mainly fantastical. Women defer to the male greater opinion on this issue as what we know is not as important and there is little written by women on this subject outside of the romance. novel.

Who are these men whose voices are the authority, whose poetry, writing and doctrine inform our lives on such an important subject and what is there relationship to me. Surely this is important to know if I am to live by his interpretation of the "human condition"

Maybe we have been taught who to love, what to love, what was worthy of love and how.

We have been taught that love is blind that it conquers all. This is possibly true, maybe love is blind or should be, maybe lovers should not see each others minor imperfections, these compromises that human beings make to get along, love will conquer the everyday ups and downs we may face.

However maybe true love is a reciprocal thing and respect goes both ways, not a case of you love me because I am an object to possess, because I have the right labelling, tags, or I supply a need you have, and so love does not need to be blind to injustices or abuses that may exist because our love is about nurturing each other, we are not at war fighting to control each other,there is no turf to conquer.

What then does it mean to us then? and is there a way to find out? It seems easier to say what is not.
I am going to publish this and then look at it. I will also continue to re read the wonderful All about Love and I am going to try to think up what that word really means to me, it will probably be corny, it might need to be, love maybe corny, I don’t know, but maybe I will surprise myself and come up with something new.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Should not post after the amount I have drunk. Oh soooo tired. Long week. I think it is abit sad when you turn over the page of the calendar on the Friday, discarding the Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I will turn it back tommorow...

See Big Brother is in the news again. Oh it is farcical, the white girl said Nigger, she thought she was hip and was with her homies and used rapper slang and Britain gasped and Channel 4 said yippee, viewings up.

She doesn't even know what she was saying! I have no problem with the word Nigger, I use it with my girlfriends who understand where I am coming from and what my politics is. Like the Vagina Monologues reclaimed the word CUNT.

Words are not to be afraid of, people do far worse things, Channel 4 would never use it themselves but I would rather they did and then had more black people visable, writing and being in programs.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Beta mums' backlash against Alpha women


This is such a middle class, privileged article it makes my hair stand on end, not all parents have the luxury of not worrying “about their [child’s] future career prospects.”

Many of us mothers know to well what it means to not have choices in education and so not have choices later on in life. We don’t all live in places were the state provides education options, we can’t all move to France either! Working for so many mothers is not a nicety but a necessity.

Often a life dogged with guilt always trying to catch with one deadline or the other,
Fortunately I have bright kids who love me just the way I am. Our life is fast we, are on the move most weekends and during the weeks I get home as soon as I can to make sure we eat and get time with together before bed.
My children read at four, I was happy to encourage this, as it added to their sense of the world it didn’t take anything away. Children are bombarded with information as soon as they start school/nursery. I was not content to just leave it to “the World” to educate them. They now have my love of reading and it has increased their thirst for more, they have incredible imaginations. They make mud pies, get messy and get told off when they paint on the furniture!

I have great expectations for my child, not for me, but for them to have the chance to make their dreams come true, good education opens doors to possibility, so many state schools bullied by government deadlines don’t provide children with opportunities they just make them jump hoops. I don’t want that for my girls and so I will carry several Blackberrys if that is what it takes, to give my kids opportunities to have the education that would be denied them if they went to the local com. These labels are not useful and have a feeling they are invented by journalists who have gone through good schools and have no idea of what is happening in the real world.
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